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The Prodigal Teflers

Foremost, we owe you all an apology. Just as we were getting started we sort of went AWOL. We intended to produce new content at least once a week. This intention rapidly diminished as the effects of COVID began to reveal themselves as something that was definitely going to be a long-term burden.

Thailand managed the pandemic very effectively, which gave cause for celebration. However, for quite a while, Thailand has not been the place to celebrate in recent times and let your hair down. As part of its management to combat the onset and spread of this virus, the government restricted various activities. Travelling, gathering in crowds, buying alcohol and at certain times and places, even shopping.

The people of Thailand understood the need for vigilance in this and did a sterling job in trying to suppress the spread of this insidious bug. The side- effect of these precautions, is that at times, not always, but at times, life has been stressful and even mundane (if that is possible when living on the other side of the world immersed in a different culture. The result of having these activities curtailed is that there has not been much for us to do! We have managed to do a bit of travelling but there are on-going issues with the emergence of micro-clusters. It is the nature of the war with this thing. As soon as you feel a sense of normality begin to return, the virus strikes again.

Immediately, as there are reports of another outbreak, the machine goes back into action. The closure of entertainment venues, the restrictions on travelling, numbers of gathered people, a whole bunch of stuff. These stay in place until it is deemed safe to relax.

So there it is. That has been our life really for the last six months. We have been concentrating on keeping ourselves safe, following guidelines and ensuring that our professional lives and the education of our students are inflicted upon as little as possible and not really been living the life of travelling bloggers but as teachers. As I have mentioned, we did manage to get away for a while to one of the islands. I will be putting up a blog about this trip and our upcoming trip soon. As promised, I will also put up the wholly long-overdue piece about the death railway in Kanchanaburi province. Our lives have been far more TEFL over travelling as of late but we are making a concerted effort to make sure that this blogging adventure continues and resurfaces in a more interesting, entertaining, and most importantly, consistent fashion!

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