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Cooking in Chiang Mai

Updated: Mar 28

As an avid foodie, a lover of cooking and after living in Thailand for so long, eating all of the wonderful Thai food, it seemed like a no brainer to take a Thai cooking lesson. In most Thai accommodation, there are no kitchens and most Thai people eat out because it is so easy, quick and cheap! I have definitely missed being able to cook my own food since living over here.

Last October, my brother came to visit us in Thailand. We met him in Chiang Mai for a long weekend, so the 3 of us booked onto this cooking course. After reading plenty of reviews, Siam Garden Cooking School sounded great. We booked with them for the next day. We went at the beginning of October which is low season, so it was only the 3 of us and 2 other girls in our cooking class. Fonnie, the owner of the cooking school, and her son Arty would be teaching us how to prepare and cook our dishes in an authentic Thai fashion.

First, we were taken to a local market where Fonnie led us around and introduced us to many of the ingredients we would use that day. She was great. We could smell and touch all of the ingredients and she went into great detail explaining which each is used for and what dishes they are best in. I never knew there were so many different types of ginger and garlic, or the difference between the different types of chillies! It was fascinating!

Once we arrived at the cooking school, we would be cooking 5 courses each and making a curry paste of our choice. For each course, there were multiple choices so it was challenging to decide which delicious meal you wanted to try. We could leave out any ingredients we didn't like if we wanted to, which was great news for anti-veg Rich! You could also control the amount of spice you added to your dishes, if any.

I cooked a chicken in coconut milk soup, Som Tam (papaya salad), Panang curry and stir-fried morning glory. For dessert, I made mango with sticky rice. They all looked and tasted amazing. Eating and cooking the courses were staggered throughout our afternoon at the cooking school so you don’t have to eat them all at once (even though you will want to, believe me!)

It was so much fun. The atmosphere is great and we all had such a nice afternoon preparing, cooking and especially eating all of our courses. It was delicious! We finished the day relaxing with a Chang beer and a tour of their garden, where they grow many of their own ingredients that we used to cook that day, such as chillies, basil and lots of fruits. Fonnie and Arty then presented us each with a recipe book full of all the meals we had cooked, and then some. It's safe to say I will be attempting to cook some of these, and we will certainly be visiting Siam Cooking School again when we next visit Chiang Mai.

Siam Garden Cooking School is a must if you are visiting Chiang Mai. They offer morning, afternoon, evening and private courses and are open 365 days a year!

If you want to view their website or book any classes please visit:


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